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Karman Tindell

My name is Karman Tindell.  I'm so excited to be starting my 6th year at this amazing school.  
Our students can access their online curriculum at
I expect all students to be productive during class time.  Progress for ELA classes means that students will complete at least one lesson, quiz, or test each period.  I encourage students to work on lessons and quizzes at home if they would like to accelerate their progress.  All tests and pre-tests for ELA  must be completed in the classroom.
1st Period - ELA (8:00-8:50)
2nd Period - DAEP (8:55-9:45)
3rd Period - Technical Writing and ARC (9:50-10:40)
4th Period - ELA (10:45-11:35)
Lunch (11:35-12:05)
5th Period Conference  (12:10-1:00)
6th Period - Technical Writing and ARC (1:05-1:55)
7th Period - ELA (2:00-3:00)
You can reach me at 512-756-6747 ext 3709 or by email at