Quest High School Student of the Month for September

QHS Student of the Month for August/September is Ms. Ava Viergutz who was
selected unanimously from our campus by our staff members.  Ava started at Quest
High School this year and has accomplished so much during her tenure here.  Ava has
completed her graduation requirements and will graduate with her peers this May.  Ava
has done an amazing job each day in completing lessons all the while working full
time at our local Chicken Express.  Ava has volunteered at many events this year and
is a student leader/mentor.  Ava’s positive attitude and work ethic are to be commended and
will serve her well as a soldier in the United States Army.  We look forward to
recognizing Ava before she ships to boot camp early this May.  Ava is consistently
polite and always willing to help out a fellow student or adult on our campus.  Ava represents
Quest High School with Spirit, Pride, and Honor. Thank you, Ava and your parents,
for serving our great nation.